Balancing the mind and the body so that an ultimate state of healing and peace may be achieved. Mindfulness can bring physical, emotional & mental benefits.

Reiki Balancing

An ancient healing technique that enhances relaxation, which triggers the body’s natural healing abilities (immune system), aids in better sleep and improves and maintains health.

sound healing

Using Tibetan Healing bowls specifically attuned to frequencies based on specific systems in the body to promote healing & relaxation.

life coaching

Realize your true potential in any/all areas of your life. Learn to make positive and lasting changes to lead the life you want.

wellbeing coaching

Takes you from a state of low energy, self-doubt and overwhelm to a state of positive motivation and an ability to deal with stress.


A highly effective method that involves using the fingers to gently tap on the body's acupuncture points along the meridian lines, to reduce cortisol levels and induce calm. The therapeutic effects of this technique are recognized around the world. EFT tapping can be used for fear, anxiety, pain, weight loss issues, stress and many other issues.

heartmath coaching

HeartMath helps you to transform your stress into resilience, to achieve higher levels of performance and to live your life with more heart, health and happiness. What makes HeartMath unique is that you can practise the techniques using our Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Coherence biofeedback app and sensor to give you real-time insight into your emotional, mental and physical state. With increased self-awareness, you can develop the ability to self-regulate emotions, thoughts and behaviours so that you can bring your best self to your professional, social and personal lives.

wmatrix reimprinting

Matrix Re-imprinting is an Energy Psychology technique created by Karl Dawson, which uses quantum physics and science in order to resolve the ‘effects’ of past trauma, pain and stressful events that we carry around within our energy fields.

wellbeing studio

The studio is located within the beautiful Barnabas Arts House. It is a truly tranquil space where you can relax and take time out for yourself.