Wellness & Life Coaching

It is not always easy for a man to open up to a Wellness/Life Coach. The fact that I have been able to do so speaks volumes for Philomena’s abilities. I have found her to be very knowledgeable, caring and patient. As a result I have acquired and successfully used various anxiety relieving strategies. This has left me feeling much more confident and in control. A!
Life Coaching

 'I would highly recommend Philomena as a life coach…..       
I was at a stage in my life with struggling to know how to deal with managing stressful situations within my work and study. This was having an impact on my emotional wellbeing for some time…... I had resorted a number of times previously to alternative therapy to deal with managing levels of stress and stressful situations which would help for short periods of time. 

I was then recommended to Philomena as I needed a person who could teach me how to make these changes through understanding the impact of alternative therapy on my body, mind and wellbeing and how best to incorporate this within my daily life.

I started attended the Sessions regularly each week with Philomena on line given the current restrictions. I just honestly could not get over within a short period of time the changes in my emotional well being…...through Philomena’s encouragement, teaching and the support within her regular motivational messages – it all had such a positive feeling on me and I started incorporating my learning into my daily routine…..

I will never forget one Session and the feeling of emotional wellbeing and how, through her coaching, I had started to positively change my ‘thoughts and feelings’…. even my family observed these positives changes within me.  Philomena in my words is an incredible life coach….. THANK YOU SO MUCH' Signed: MDJ 

Wellbeing & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

'I was fortunate to have Philomena recommended to me at a time in my life when I needed some support and guidance. My main aim was to find new ways to manage my life and especially to deal with stress.

Philomena brings to the relationship a very genuine care and compassion, humour and a passion to want to help me fulfil my potential as a person. I felt accepted, respected and listened to right from the start. 

Our work together has introduced me to the wonders of mindfulness and to a new way of being which is helping me to be more calmer and present in my life. I now have a greater understanding of how to really take care of myself and my needs and this has a positive impact on my relationships. I am now more accepting of myself and others and feel I am more resilient to be able to manage life’s many challenges. Meeting and working with Philomena has been a real life-changer for me.' TM

Mindfulness & Life Coaching

‘My experience with Philomena was a land slide break-through, helping me with my panic issues. Wth an open mind, I have learnt a number of new techniques to help me, day to day, recover from some quite dark places. Having had a number of sessions I am now right back on track and have learnt how to manage my stress levels using a number of the mindfulness techniques.  I recommend anyone to try some mindfulness to manage their day to day stresses. I was a total sceptic but had my mind completely changed by Philomena and life coaching. ‘ GH

Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching

'I have found the sessions you provided very useful. Before coming to you I was at my wits end with worry over my daughters and how to help them to see a way forward. The great thing about your sessions was the skills you were providing; from breathing exercises to really understanding what sparks these anxieties; also how we can help ourselves through looking at our thoughts differently. 

What I didn't expect was how helpful to me this was. Your knowledge has helped me learn to meditate and taught me about myself. I feel the girls have been shown a very powerful tool to help them through life. Thank you for your messages, the information you have shared and all the positivity that you give.' PT
Sound-Healing Reiki.

'A deeply soothing way to get back in flow and in touch with self' SW

'Although a little apprehensive about this new treatment as I'd never experienced sound-healing before, I came away feeling that I had been the recipient of a rather meaningful gift' JM

'The ultimate experience in awakening the senses. I felt so alive after the treatment- both relaxed and rejuvenated at the same time- awesome' BJ '

Philomena explained the whole process to me and instantly put me at ease. She was totally attuned and sensitive to my needs.It felt as though I was giving my mind and body a long overdue holiday.It was such a beautiful experience. The frequencies from the bowls caused me to feel different sensations running up and down my body.After the treatment, I felt relaxed yet energised and alert. I would thoroughly recommend sound-healing reiki and look forward to the next one very soon!' HM
The positive effects of Wellbeing Coaching.

'Being diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer was the biggest shock of my life. In the 2 years leading up to my diagnosis I had worked hard to be the fittest I could be, lost 3 stone in weight and was kettle bell training and boxing four times a week. In the early months of diagnosis, surgery and subsequent chemotherapy treatments I remained positive and determined to get through in fighting spirit, even dealing with the loss of my hair which seemed undeniably cruel I remained in fight mode finding ways to deal with my dilemma. After six months of “fighting”, an appointment with my oncologist confirmed I had been “cured” and I needed to go and get my life back, words that I had so desperately prayed for suddenly had me whirling towards a downturn in my mind that I wasn’t prepared for. There were so many high profile deaths from cancer after my diagnosis that my thoughts were dark and often difficult to put into perspective I just thought “It’s my turn next” Months of counselling followed which proved useful even if to be told I wasn’t depressed or suicidal but struggling to live with the fear of the cancer returning and dealing with what had happened to me was proving extremely difficult. That’s when I first met Philomena. She came into my life like a breath of fresh air and quickly we established a connection, we developed my mantra which I still refer to constantly and her undeniable ability to turn my negatives into realistic positive outcomes was quite frankly both engaging and miraculous. Being open to new ways of thinking allowed me to embrace a positive attitude and the introduction of my Gratitude Diary was a complete turnaround. Learning to welcome the now and appreciating the life I have is something that I will never be able to put into words. Your kindness and patience knows no bounds and your determination shines through. Thank you Philomena, I consider it a privilege to have you in my life.' CA
Confidence coaching.
Just wanted to say thank you so much. Your practices kept me so chilled all day and I didn't feel anxious or stressed at any point! I stepped into my circle of confidence just before I went on stage and honestly I have had feedback that people never would have guessed it was my first time. Adding happiness into my circle made a HUGE difference especially in the posing practices. I'm amazed by how powerful it was. I meditated all day during the show and I swear it's what gave me edge. Even got some of the nervous girls saying "I am calm, confident and composed" out loud with me before we went on stage haha.   Thank you !!!!  GU
Introduction to Mindfulness.
Before the course started I wasn't really sure what mindfulness might entail and certainly didn't know what I would get out of it personally. I had no idea that I would feel so different, aware and enlightened after just five sessions. It took me one or two sessions to really start discovering and  learning to be more reflective and I found that the more homework I did after the second class the more it became a more important part of my life .Thank you-Your approach and manner was so informative yet warm and restful and you made the thoughts and reflections come so naturally like waves rolling in on the beach. I'm so very pleased to have  met you as you have made such an impact on my life and I will never forget it,  thank you Philomena.  AL
' Mindfulness.
I feel I am now a happier and more confident person through mindfulness. I appreciate myself and my life more and am enjoying moments in the now more readily and easily.'  BL
Wellbeing Retreat Day.
'I thoroughly enjoyed the Wellbeing Retreat Day, I don't often treat myself to a whole day's pampering but think I could easily get used to it! I found the nurturing Yoga Nidra Practice the best of all, mainly because I felt totally relaxed. The day was well planned and in a lovely venue at Barnabas Arts House. I felt so lucky to be taught by a true professional and look forward to the next Wellbeing Day.’ Helen
Wellbeing.Thank you for a lovely day last Sunday. I feel totally nourished and nurtured and felt very relaxed throughout the whole experience. It was my first experience of mindfulness and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It really does make you stop in your tracks and appreciate what's around you, instead of rushing all the time and thinking about what you have to do next. I will definitely be more " mindful" in the future.’ Hayley
Wellbeing.Thank you for what had been a beautiful day. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. You had a lovely ground and created an opportunity for us all to take away some learning and loving so for that I thank you’ Jo
'I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the five evenings I attended on the Introduction to Mindfulness.. I found it very informative and uplifting so would like to say a very big thank you. ' TH
' I'm so glad I came to the mindfulness sessions.  I feel like I've learnt so much and it has been especially lovely meeting you and changing so much of the way I think and I will keep mindfulness with me always.' RJ
Happiness & Wellbeing workshop.
I would like to thank you for such a good workshop. It has helped me a great deal. I am practicing the daily routine and keeping the gratitude journal. My life is calmer and the stress is not getting to me anymore. I feel a lot stronger and happier in myself and positive things are starting to happen. I am more in control of my life. Thank you again. JA