matrix reimprinting

Matrix Re-imprinting is an Energy Psychology technique created by Karl Dawson, which uses quantum physics and science in order to resolve the ‘effects’ of past trauma, pain and stressful events that we carry around within our energy fields.
matrix reimprintingMatrix Re-imprinting uses a combination of Emotional Freedom Techniques along with various parts taken from epigenetic and quantum science to produce a very quick change or release from the effects of past negative or traumatic events in your life.

According to Matrix Re-imprinting these are not just unconscious programs or memories but are specific Energy Bodies which are called Energetic Consciousness Holograms also known as ECHOs.

By using the techniques within Matrix Re-imprinting the client is able to work intimately with ECHOs, to correct or resolve the negativity or negative energy charges around them through changing the relationship or associations, reducing or removing the effects of past events and allowing positive memories to take their place.

Matrix Re-imprinting differs from the established emotional freedom techniques, which takes the intensity out of the past memory but does not transform it. Matrix Re-imprinting goes further to transform or rearrange the internal picture of that memory.

As a Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner who trained with Karl Dawson, my primary role is ensuring client wellbeing. I will guide you through the process and teach you the EFT skills required to work autonomously to transform your own life and be the best expression of yourself that you wish to be.

Sessions are available in the Wellness studio or online through zoom or skype.

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