Blog 9: So near and yet so far.

Blog: 30th September 2018

We live in an ocean of thought.

There’s a story about a fish who is swimming in a river, desperately making its way to the ocean so that he could find this thing called ‘water’ that he’s heard about.

We see the irony in this tale and may even think the fish a little foolish when he’s already surrounded by water. Yet, when we look at the human condition, we are not too unlike the foolish fish.

We strive and search for happiness outside of ourselves- in the next activity, the next acquisition and, each time we touch it, it seems so transient so we push on with our search, ‘I’ll be happy when…’ not seeing that we already have all the conditions we need to be happy but it has very little to do with material goods and short fixes. If you agree that happiness is a state of mind, then it is only from within the mind itself that one can find true happiness. Dr.Joe Dispenza puts it succinctly:

The secret to happiness? Stop being unhappy! Stop thinking the thoughts that make you feel bad. Stop doing the things that cause you to love yourself less. Stop tormenting your body with suffering and complaining and blaming- your cells are getting these chemical messages. Give your body a break- see what happens. It’ll start getting joyful on its own because it’s no longer being tormented.’

No matter our circumstances, if we are in an elevated state of natural happiness and gratitude, we perceive the world differently and attract into our lives that which validates our perception. We become aware that the happiness we once yearned for is both within and without – we are swimming in an ocean of thought and with such knowledge, we have the power and the wisdom to choose the thoughts in which we wish to bathe…..