Blog 2: Dental Health and Mental Health

Blog: 25th Sept 2017

‘Do we value our teeth more than our minds’ was the subject of a recent talk by author and scholar Alan Wallace, who went on to remind us that most of us spend at least two or three minutes a day taking care of our dental health. But what about our mental health?

Every experience we have in life is experienced through the mind. All that we see, hear, feel, taste and touch are registered through the mind. If we have a healthy mind then those experiences are more likely to be experienced in a healthy way and vice versa.

When the mind is calm and balanced then, no matter what life throws at us, our premise of calm and balance keeps us from getting carried away and drowning in the sea of thought and emotion that sometimes engulfs us.

So- how to look after our mental health- our beautiful mind? If three minutes does it for the teeth, then that might be a good starting point for the mind. Starting each day with intention and a ‘three-minute breathing space’ or short meditation may help us to develop a habit that will, slowly but surely, change our life. Each day, as we brush our teeth, we might be reminded to simply be with the brushing, noticing each time our mind wanders off and bringing it back to simply being with our actions- being present.

‘If we take care of our mental health like we take care of our dental health, then we’ll be ok’ Howie Mandel