Blog 11: Staying open to the miraculous

Blog 15th December 2018

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is’ Albert Einstein.

Think back to when you were a child and, if you are anything like me, to those days when you woke up excited to start a new day! Everyday was an adventure and there was so much to wonder at – where the sky began and where it ended, how amazing that we were seeing light from stars that no longer existed, how it was that our bodies were growing and changing and yet those changes were so gradual we hardly noticed them. So many thousands of things to notice and wonder at within the tiny vicinity of our small world, let alone the discoveries to be encountered through simply opening the heart and mind to other possibilities besides the known.

So, when did we ever lose that sense of awe and wonder? When did we become so blasé that we began to take it all for granted so that nothing seemed quite so special anymore? Perhaps it grew out of the limiting beliefs that entered our subconscious mind through the words and actions of others in our formative years and, just as the subtle bodily changes, we hardly noticed them taking hold and becoming, in many cases, our default mode of operating. Life became serious and the limitations we accepted caused us to live more of the same. We lost a little of that ‘joie de vivre’ that is evident in the very young.

Einstein’s words come as a reminder to open our eyes once more and truly see that EVERYTHING around us is a miracle. Let’s start with the body itself:

The heart beats, without interruption, more than 100,000 times a day without our giving a thought to it… The heart is pumping two gallons of blood per minute, well over 100 gallons per hour, through a system of vascular channels about 60,000 miles in length, or twice the circumference of the earth. Yet the circulatory system makes up only about three percent of our body mass. Every twenty to sixty seconds, each blood cell makes a complete circuit through the body… if all the red blood cells in your bloodstream were lined up end to end, they would reach 31,000 miles into the heavens. In each second around 100,000 chemical reactions take place in every one of your cells. In the same second 10 million cells die and almost 10 million new ones take their place. ‘

(Source Dr. Joe Dispenza )

Reading through this might make us sit up and take notice of the miracle that is our body and the miraculous in our existence. Holding on to that awe, wonder and curiosity is what brings us to a level of consciousness where we can break through those limiting beliefs and become aware of the possibilities and opportunities open to us from the universal field of energy, of which we are a part. We begin to see the beauty around us, acknowledge the pain and suffering, taking action when we can from a place of gratitude, presence and peace. Thich Nhat Hanh emphasised that without the mud, the lotus would not grow. Likewise, ourselves; it is often out of challenge and affliction that we learn our greatest lessons if we remain open to the learning- open to the miraculous within us and around us. The choice of how to live our lives is ours…..and ours alone……